Drawing as opposed to Painting: Which Matters Most?

Drawing as opposed to Painting: Which Matters Most?

Gee. Drawing as opposed to painting. I realize many starting craftsmen are pulled in to one and dread the other.

Along these lines, I at times wonder in the event that I might be committing an error. It unquestionably wouldn’t be the first run through.

In the pages of this blog I attempt to cover parts of both drawing and painting. To me, they resemble brotherly twins.

Marginally extraordinary yet firmly related.

To me it is anything but merely one is a higher priority than the other. They are both indispensable segments of your aesthetic development and making craftsmanship you are glad for.

Yet, I understand that you may see these kin in an unexpected way.

What’s more, in that might be my slip-up.

So I’d prefer to ask you something significant:

* Are you inspired by one subject more than the other?

* Or would you like to think about both?

* Do I give the correct parity of blog entries about each subject?

* What parts of drawing or painting haven’t I secured enough?

* What themes would you like me to expound on?

I compose this blog particularly for you.

To assist you with turning into the craftsman you fantasy about being.

You can assist me with ensuring I’m not committing an error.

By expounding on stuff that doesn’t help or intrigue you.

Along these lines, I’ve arranged a short study about this subject of drawing as opposed to painting. Just a couple of inquiries – simple answers – so you can mention to me what’s essential to you.

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